Thursday, October 27, 2011


have a listen to the gorgeously undulating, fuzzed-out, plinky, tremolo-quivering et tribal-laced, somber, nautical-themed tale of woe, Belong from Brooklyn-based indie folk/pop artist Caithlin de Marrais {former vocalist/bassist for Rainer Maria!} off her forthcoming sophomore album "Red Coats" (2011).

"Foolish heart
Reckless heart
oh, lover the wind
fair mistress is she
but I was the last to see
you belong to her."

lie back, close your eyes et let de Marrais' subdued, melancholy-tinged vocals wash over you like a fine sea mist! enjoy!

MP3: Belong

the "Red Coats" album comes out November 8th on End Up Records, it is available for pre-order on cd from Polyvinyl {let's hope a vinyl edition is in the works!}.

check out the wonderful video for Birds, if you haven't already.

you can find Caithlin de Marrais here: myspace | facebook | caithlindemarrais 

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