Saturday, April 30, 2011


here is the sublime et epic title track, Losing Colour from the recently disbanded London-based indie/guitar pop outfit Stricken City off their last album "Losing Colour" (2011).

"and you opened the cage and let it out / 
you opened the cage and you let it out / 
you opened the cage / I allowed it out / 
I won't come back / many phases in life..."

Losing Colour is the closing track from the new/final Stricken City album et one can't help but feel a sense of epic finality, there is simultaneous weight et release, swelling euphoria, cathartic unloading, maturity et self-awareness to the track, musically et lyrically. so Losing Colour acts as a startlingly poignant summation to the bands short but memorable career, they will be sorely missed, i'm curious to see/hear what the uber-talented songstress Rebekah Raa will do next. but for now we have this incredible swan song from a wonderful album, so turn it up LOUD, lie back et let the music envelop you!

MP3: Losing Colour

here is the first single off the album which originally featured on the "Animal Festival" EP (2010).

MP3: Animal Festival

et here's a great track off their debut album "Songs About People I Know" (2009), it shows Stricken City's raw, manic energy, infectious basslines, fuzzed out jangly guitar hooks et swaggering vocals.
MP3: Small Things

check out the stunning video for Losing Colour directed by Dan Sully. Rebekah Raa's performance is amazing, this is a wonderfully realised video.

et here is the great video for Animal Festival directed by Phil Sharp & Stricken City.

the "Losing Colour" album is available from Stricken City's band camp page, there is a limited edition cd in an attractive 7" size package which has been printed on recycled card, 300 copies only world wide, so be quick. it is also available as a digital download, et you can have a listen to the album too!

you can find Stricken City here: myspace | lastfm | strickencity | thekorarecords | facebook

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