Tuesday, April 12, 2011


next up is a stunning, emotionally bare et mesmerizing track, Landfill from London-based singer/songwriter Elena Tonra aka Daughter, off her impressive debut "His Young Heart" EP (2011).

"This is dangerous / 'cuz I want you so much / 
But I hate your guts / I hate you."

Landfill is an absolutely devastating track, it is a cathartic declaration of abject misery, the kind that can only be inflicted by another human being. equal parts poetic lyricism et emotionally raw spitefulness, Tonra lays herself bare lyrically et musically, expressing her self-destructive feelings et complete despair, her breathy, bitter et fragile spoken vocals are heart-wrenching, heightened beautifully with gentle pounding percussion et a pitch perfect, melancholy electric guitar, each pluck echoing her desperate et vulnerable state-of-mind, complemented by Tonra's haunting, yearning, fuzzed-out echoing harmonies that drift through us like a fine mist.

MP3: Landfill

i'd highly recommend downloading "His Young Heart" from Daughter's bandcamp, you can also download her beautiful four track demo EP from her myspace page.

you can find Daughter here: myspace | facebook | lastfm

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