Sunday, April 24, 2011


here's a deliciously blissed-out, electro pop jam, London Zoo from Bergen, Norway-based experimental, electro pop collective Casiokids off the "of Montreal/Casiokids" split 7" (2011).

London Zoo is an effervescent, pulsing, synth-laden, electro pop gem, the haunting, breathtaking vocals evoke the pained, melancholy falsetto crooning of Thom Yorke. this is a really special track, it keeps expanding, building momentum, finally taking flight, gliding peacefully in the icy blue sky, the glassy ocean, like a mirror, reflects the azure, creating an infinity of blue, for a moment, existing between extreme beauty et immense isolation! enjoy!

the great cover art is by Athens, Georgia-based artist/illustrator Nina Barnes.

MP3: London Zoo
et here is an awesome instrumental track of their wonderful "Topp Stemming På Local Bar" album (2010).

MP3: Fot I Hose

the "of Montreal/Casiokids" split 7" was originally a limited edition Record Store Day item but it has been made available to the masses thanks to Polyvinyl Records et also Piccadilly Records, limited to 1000 copies worldwide so get in quick if you haven't already! also comes with mp3 download code.

you can check out Casiokids here: myspace | lastfm | facebook | happyjokes | polyvinyl

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