Saturday, April 2, 2011


here's an awesomely fuzzed-out, super catchy track i stumbled upon recently Dance The Night Away, from Oakland-based bedroom punk/psych pop artist Colleen Green off her new "Green One" EP (2011).

Dance The Night Away in a smoke filled room with sweaty bodies grinding et an angsty, growling guitar riff screeching away to epic effect, Green's vocals echo across the room with a coolness et detachment, her fuzzed-out, reverb-laden vocals swirl around the dreamy atmosphere, Green takes pleasure emphatically intoning with a punkish snarl "Oh, yeah!" during the refrain, backed up with energetic hand claps.

MP3: Dance The Night Away

if you like what you hear then you should definitely grab a copy of the feisty "Green One" EP, it's currently available on 7" from Hardly Art, otherwise it is available digitally from itunes.

you can head over to Colleen Green's bandcamp page to hear some older tracks et covers ...

check out Colleen Green here: myspace | lastfm | hardlyart | happybirfdayjeff

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