Wednesday, March 23, 2011


here's a brilliant new 80s-laced, romantic-tinged, shimmering synth pop gem For the Ages, this is the latest offering from Seattle-based indie-pop outfit Craft Spells {primarily Justin Paul Vallesteros}, from their eagerly anticipated debut album "Idle Labor" (2011).

For the Ages is a perfect blend of forlorn, melancholy crooning et uplifting, bright, glassy synths et minimal drum machine beats, there is also a stunning use of a jangly, reverb-laden banjo during the blissed-out, rousing instrumental bridge. at times Vallesteros' choked up vocals sound like Bowie, as he mournfully declares: "Even though our love has died / you're still mine / you're still mine ...". enjoy!

one can't help but read into the cover art for "Idle Labor" as a reference or homage of sorts to New Orders iconic "Power, Corruption & Lies" cover, curiously that album starts with the sublime, bittersweet track Age of Consent, which is very similar to For the Ages which starts "Idle Labor", another nod perhaps.

MP3: For the Ages

the "Idle Labor" album is tantalizingly close to release, it will be available from Captured Tracks March 29th on cd or ltd lp! et will drop April 11th from Piccadilly Records, you will also be able to grab it digitally online from itunes.

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you can find Craft Spells here: myspace | facebook | craftspells

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