Wednesday, March 30, 2011


here's a blissed-out, indie pop track i discovered recently, So High from Austin-based noise-pop/shoegaze revelers Ringo Deathstarr off their new album "Colour Trip" (2011).

So High is a euphoric, MBV-tinged, indie pop anthem, fluttering, shimmery synths awaken us from early morning slumber, a jingly-jangly acoustic guitar strums away, swaying from side-to-side, while a fuzzy, reverb-laden electric guitar drones away, add to the mix psyched-out, fluffy, saccharine girl/boy vocals that float atop puffy white clouds the shape of butterflies, if you can resist singing along to the super catchy refrain then you are surely a robot et in danger of self-destructing!

this is one track that certainly begs the phrase short et sweet! So High will leave you on cloud nine with a stupid grin on your face!

MP3: So High

et here is the latest blazing, dreamy, shoegaze-laden single from the album:

MP3: Two Girls

et here is a hazy, blissed-out track from the album "Sparkler" (2009).

MP3: Summertime

check out the psyched-out, 80s effects-laden music video for So High directed by Cassandra Lee Hamilton.

et here is the gothed-out, trashy, sexploitation "home video" for Two Girls by Alex Gehring, Kathleen Carmichael, Maggie Martine, Emma Blauer, and Agadsa.

the "Colour Trip" album is available digitally from itunes or cd from Club AC30, who will also be releasing the album on vinyl on April 25th, pre-orders will be shipped April 18th!

you can find Ringo Deathstarr here: lastfm | facebook

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