Saturday, March 5, 2011


this remarkable next track is one i thankfully stumbled upon recently over at No Fear of Pop, The Ready Dance from mysterious et brilliantly eccentric Swiss-born, Brooklyn bedroom pop/folk artist Birdie Hilltop {Pascal Troemel}.

just who/what is Birdie Hilltop? well, a bit of searching brought up the following facts about the entity known as Birdie Hilltop, his real name is Pascal Troemel, he describes himself as a one-man band, who has been making music since 2000, he has his own record label Eighth Nerve Records {8NR}, that is currently just a black pastel-rendered silhouette profile of a young man, he had a dog called Minnie, who lived to be 20 years old, whom is featured in his music video for the track Rosalia, et that 2009 was an incredibly prolific year for him, as he released several albums including his stunning The Sorrow album.

what we know first-hand from listening/experiencing Troemel's music is that he is an incredibly gifted songwriter et musician, The Ready Dance is a simple, bittersweet ballad ... dreamy, hazy, gentle whimsical with an endearingly wonky organ solo. i for one can't wait to see/hear what will come next from the enigmatic artist know as Birdie Hilltop.

MP3: The Ready Dance

you should definitely watch the awesome performance video for The Ready Dance, Birdie is crooning away in a rather plush looking bathtub, with fairy lights wrapped around him, it's a no-fi Peter Gabriel video.

also check out the stunning video for The Sorrow from Birdie Hilltop's album "The Sorrow" (2009).

you can find Birdie Hilltop here: myspace | lastfm | birdiehilltop

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