Tuesday, March 1, 2011


when it rains it pours, here is some more great music from Seattle, it's a track that's been around a while but has just been given another lease of life with the release of a new EP, Silver Screen, from talented Seattle electro-pop/chillwave duo Beat Connection {Jordan Koplowitz & Reed Juenger} from the "Silver Screen" EP (2011).

Silver Screen is a carefree, euphoric, sundazed electro-pop track, it's like a blissful day at the beach, not a cloud in the perfect azure sky, the sun glistening on the glassy, gently undulating ocean, you run full-speed down the beach to the water et do an improvised somersault, crashing into a breaking wave, what could be better than this, perhaps it's all a fanciful, fleeting daydream, but who cares, just enjoy it while it lasts!

faux pan pipes tottle away cheerfully, as a driving, thumping, house-y, bass slowly builds, continuing to pump blood into the track, while a myriad of savvy, pitch-shifted synths play delightfully vibrant melodies, plinky, bell riffs et electro blips all commingle ecstatically et swim around us, the tracks highlight is the super catchy, carefree, soulful Peter Gabriel-esque vocals et warm Beach Boys harmonies, which wash over us like a refreshing ocean spray.

MP3: Silver Screen

here are a couple more gloriously sundazed electro-pop tracks, with a splash of tropicana from the "Surf Noir" EP:

MP3: Sunburn

MP3: In the Water

et here is the new fuzzed-out, kaleidoscopic, retro music video for Silver Screen created/mashed up by Dumb Eyes.

also check out this great backyard, live performance video of Silver Screen by Alex Kummerow for Camp Revival:

you should definitely get your hands on the Beat Connection debut "Surf Noir" EP (2010), it will be re-released officially on Tender Age, april 11th, while the "Silver Screen" EP is out now on itunes.

check out Beat Connection here: myspace | lastfm | bandcamp | tenderage

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