Thursday, March 24, 2011


this is very much after the fact but anyways this next track is from a band i've only just discovered, UK three-piece, lo-fi grrrl group Pens, who unfortunately called it quits last year, so here is the awesome single High in the Cinema off their debut album "Hey Friend, What You Doing?" (2009).

"Three girls and a £1 microphone" 

High in the Cinema is a delightfully infectious, energetic et euphoric, scuzzed-out diy anthem, this is a great song to thrash when you're home alone et feel like a spazzed-out, cardiovascular workout! enjoy!

MP3: High in the Cinema

et here is the fantastically titled single off their last 7" release from 2010.

MP3: You Only Love Me When I Tell You I'm Wrong

check out the awesome psyched-out music video for  High in the Cinema directed by Daniel Swan.

you can still get the "Hey Friend, What You Doing?" album et "Love Rules/You Only Love Me When I Tell You I'm Wrong" split 7", they are available from De Stijl Records on vinyl et digitally online at itunes.

et you can find the remnants of Pens here: myspace | lastfm

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