Tuesday, March 29, 2011


next up is an uber-catchy, jangly, 80s-stained track I Told You So, from Miami-based noise-pop experimentalist Teepee {Eric Lopez-Zareno} off his brilliant self-released debut album "Morals" (2011).

"I told you so / I told you so / I told you so
Don't stand under that / Don't stand under that / Don't stand under that tree"

I Told You So is a delirious, minimal wave-tinged, guitar-pop anthem, i have to admit i was won over as soon as i heard the infectious, warm bassline et raw, jangly guitar riff, which instantly evoked fond memories of classic Flying Nun artists, like The Clean {Point That Thing Somewhere Else}, et when Lopez-Zareno's fuzzed-out, reverb-laden vocals kick-in, with his absurd, witty, mantric lyrics i was hooked. one can't help but think of David Kilgour, especially when Lopez-Zareno croons away on the bridge, leading up to his bitter resolve: "Don't lean on me when you need a / body to cry on / I told you so / I told you / many times."

there are times when i am truly thankful for digital music, this is one of them, if this was a 7" or cassette single it would be completely worn out et stretched to s#*t! I Told You So is a ridiculously catchy track that lingers in your head for days, i am constantly finding myself randomly repeating the lines: "Don't touch Mary / She's got a disease" in inappropriate places, a cheeky grin transforms on my face when i realise what i'm saying. it's lucky i don't know any one named Mary or it might prove rather awkward ... enjoy!

MP3: I Told You So

i would strongly recommend heading over to the Teepee bandcamp et checking out his remarkable debut album, "Morals" it is available digitally, et currently free, the deluxe edition no less! there is also a limited edition 12" ebony black vinyl version available from Senzei Records, very tempting!

you can check out Teepee here: myspace | teepeesounds | lastfm | bandcamp

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