Friday, March 25, 2011


here is the brilliant new track from legendary lo-fi folksmith Bill Callahan {formerly Smog}, Baby's Breath is from his much anticipated forthcoming album "Apocalypse" (2011).

"oh, young girl / at the wedding / baby's breath / in her hair ..."

Callahan's trademark idiosyncratic, warm, raspy baritone voice is back with the slow building, nostalgic, americana epic, Baby's Breath. this is one captivating, lyrical et tragic ballad, there is some truly stunning bluesy guitar work here, heightened with sparse percussion et atmospheric distorted/wailing electric guitar drone.

Baby's Breath is an incredibly cinematic track, it conjures up sublime cinemascope images from an epic, existential, revisionist western made by Michael Mann or Terrence Malick, with Vilmos Zsigmond {McCabe & Mrs. Miller} as the cinematographer.

"Yes, now i know / you must reap what you sow / ... or sing"

the cover art is from a painting by Paul Ryan called Apocalypse at Mule Ears Peak, Big Bend National Park in West Texas.

MP3: Baby's Breath

"Apocalypse" gets released by Drag City on April 19th, available on cd/lp!

you can find Bill Callahan here: lastfm | dragcity | permanentsmile

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