Saturday, January 28, 2012


if you're like me then you've been desperately hanging out for the day when a new Wild Nothing track would come into existence. well, i'm happy to announce that day has finally arrived! so just lie back, slip on a pair of headphones et let your ears soak up the deliciously wistful et day-dreamy, twangly, accordion-laced, twee pop lamentation Nowhere, from Virginia-based indie/dream pop crooner Jack Tatum aka Wild Nothing off his forthcoming "Nowhere" 7" (2012).

"Don't come over,
unless you want to feel something."

Nowhere features the husky, dreamy vocals of Andrea Estella {of Twin Sister}. enjoy!!!

MP3: Nowhere

the "Nowhere" 7" is set for release February 21st on Captured Tracks, the first 500 copies are on white vinyl, so get in quick.

if you don't own or haven't yet heard the sublime masterpiece that is "Gemini", then shame on you! i would strongly suggest you acquire it immediately, as it will change your life! you can find it on vinyl at Captured Tracks, Insound et Norman Records, or digitally from itunes. i'd also highly recommend getting your hands on the wonderful "Golden Haze" EP, as well as the "Cloudbursting" et "Summer Holiday" 7"s! they are available from the same above outlets.

you can find Wild Nothing here: myspace | facebook | wildnothingmusic

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