Saturday, January 7, 2012


this next track will get you up et frolicking about the room, or at the very least have your feet tapping! et yes, you'll want to play it as loud as your hearing/stereo will permit. get ready for the infectiously feisty et fuzzed-out, fugacious, forlorn-tinged garage pop fracas Please Be My Third Eye, from LA-based garage pop goddess Katy Goodman aka La Sera off her forthcoming follow-up album "Sees The Light" (2012).

today's post was brought to you by the letter 'F'! enjoy!

MP3: Please Be My Third Eye

check out the refreshingly simple et playfully sped-up performance video for Please Be My Third Eye. directed by Vice Cooler.

the "Sees The Light" album is set for release March 27th on Hardly Art. it will be available on cd et lp, pre-orders are now open. you will be able to acquire it digitally via itunes.

check out my post for the single Beating Heart off the wonderful self-titled debut "La Sera" album.

you can find out La Sera here: myspace facebook hardly art

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