Thursday, January 5, 2012


here's a truly special track that i haven't been able to stop thinking about since i heard it. an utterly captivating et refreshingly stripped-back, endearingly artless et idiosyncratic, forlorn confessional Evening's Kiss, from Chicago-based "below-underground" lo-fi crooner Willis Earl Beal off his forthcoming debut album "Acousmatic Sorcery" (2012).

Evening's Kiss contains some of the best songwriting/lyrics i've heard in a long time, so i feel compelled to quote part of a stunning free-form verse, enjoy!!!

"Drip drop / Window pane hypnotic
Clip clop / concrete, heals on it
I'm still disillusioned / and cool catatonic
Always in a daze / without smoking the chronic
And the doors still open at the end of the day
And I'm still hoping without much to say
You ask me how I'm feeling / Well I'm full of shit and doubt
Ask me who I'm with / and I tell you I'm without."

MP3: Evening's Kiss 

{mp3 taken from youtube so not best quality but you get the idea}

check out the absolutely stunning new flickery, lo-fi, pencil-drawn illustrated animation for Evening Kissvideo directed by Willis Earl Beal et animated by Michael Zauner for Forever-Pictures.

"Acousmatic Sorcery" is set for release March 20th on XL Recordings/Hot Charity.

if you're curious to know more about Willis Earl Beal then check out the great article profile from last year in the Chicago Reader.

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