Friday, December 30, 2011



totally missed this track upon its initial release, but must confess since i discovered it i've been under its charm, so here's the deliriously infectious et somberly reflective, rousing et thrashed-out, The Smiths-y, forlorn aa-side single I'm So Unclean, from London/Brighton-based indie pop/punk outfit Evans The Death off their "Threads/I'm So Unclean" 7" (2011).

i'm really digging singer Katherine Whitaker's deadpan, Morrissey-inflected crooning et her wonderfully sardonic et self-deprecating lyrics! enjoy!!!

"When I'm watching the
I will think of you
When I'm making a sandwich
I will think of you
When I try and get to sleep
I will think of you.
When I try ..."

MP3: I'm So Unclean

check out the endearingly awkward et stilted, nature-bound, twee performance video for I'm So Unclean.

the "Threads/I'm So Unclean"  7" is out on Fortuna Pop! it is currently available on white vinyl {limited to 500 only!} so get in quick. 

a debut full length album is in the works et set for release in April, 2012 on Slumberland et Fortuna Pop!

you can find Evans The Death here: myspace | facebook

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