Sunday, December 25, 2011


i thought i'd attempt to get into the Christmas spirit et share with you this absolutely stunning interpretation of a traditional Icelandic Yuletide carol! grab your eggnog et lounge-out to the enchanting et soothing, plinky, lap-steel et kazoo-laced, marvelously mellifluous et eccentric Nú Er Gunna á Nýju Skónum (Now Gunna Is Wearing Her New Shoes) from Icelandic avant pop outfit Múm off their wonderful "Gle∂ileg Jól" 7" (2011).

Nú Er Gunna á Nýju Skónum is traditionally sung in Iceland around the Christmas tree at Yuletide-dances! enjoy!

MP3: Nú Er Gunna á Nýju Skónum

the delightful cover artwork is by lead singer Örvar ˝óreyjarson Smárason.

i highly recommend getting yourself a copy of the precious "Gle∂ileg Jól" 7", it is available from ANOST on vinyl et comes with free digital download et bonus track, otherwise you can download it digitally from itunes.

you can find Múm here: twitter | facebook | mum

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