Monday, December 26, 2011


if you're looking for something a little 'different' than the standard Christmas pop clichés to play on Christmas day then look no further, check out this wonderfully blipped et blissed-out track to set things off, Xmas Lights from Columbia, South Carolina-based ambient pop artist Brian Grainger aka Milieu off their fantastic "Swirling Tinsel Singalongs" album (2011).

"Swirling Tinsel Singalongs" is the perfect downtempo, ambient album, infused with the right amount of Yuletide spirit to keep you suitably chilled et festive, enjoy!!!

i'm really digging the psyched-out, hypnotic cover art for "Swirling Tinsel Singalongs", but be warned, don't stare into the snowflake vortex for too long or you'll become transfixed et lost forever in its kaleidoscopic beauty ...!

i'd highly recommend getting yourselves a copy of these delightful ambient Christmas soundscapes, the "Swirling Tinsel Singalongs" album is currently available on bandcamp for download {name your price}, so give what you can et enjoy!

you can find Milieu here: facebook | milieu-music 

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