Friday, December 9, 2011


if you're still puzzling over what actually happened last year at Marienbad then perhaps this next track will shed some new light on the perplexing subject, then again, maybe not, regardless you absolutely need to experience this next track, it is as enigmatic, dreamlike et utterly enchanting as Alain Resnais' landmark film. how to describe it, that's certainly not so easy either ... let me simply confide that Marienbad is a wondrously effervescent, lilting et dulcet-toned, polyphonic, baroque-steeped, ethereal pop masterpiece from uber-talented LA-based avant-pop songstress Julie Holter off her forthcoming sophomore album "Ekstasis" (2012).

the incredible, reverb swooning breakdown strongly evokes the late Trish Keenan aka Broadcast et her distinct 'wall-of-sound', it gave me goosebumps! enjoy!

"Ten signs that read silence."

the "Ekstasis" album is set for release March 8th on RVNG intl, it will be available on cd et double lp! as well as digitally via the usual outlets.

if you didn't catch my previous post for Goddess Eyes off Holter's stunning debut album "Tragedy", then you should check it out!

you can find Julia Holter here: myspace | facebook | juliashammasholter

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