Friday, December 23, 2011


here's an infectiously bittersweet et somberly reflective, twangly, wistfully harmonious, guitar pop reverie Doledrums, from Brighton/London-based indie/garage pop outfit Fear Of Men off their self-released "Alice Munro Demos" cassette (2011).

recommended for fans of Veronica Falls, Widowspeak et Feathers ... enjoy!

check out this moody et somber, b&w, 80s-styled, gothic-tinged video for Doldrums, directed by Natalie Gravy.

the "Alice Munro Demos" cassette tape is sold out unfortunately! et apparently it will not be sold digitally! oh well, i'm sure it will surface in one form or another! meanwhile you can check out some of their other offerings via their bandcamp.

you can find Fear Of Men here: facebook | fearofmen

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