Saturday, September 24, 2011


next up is a deliriously dreamy, reverb-shimmering, wistful, 80s-imbued indie-pop reverie Your Tomb, from Seattle-based indie pop outfit Craft Spells off their excellent debut album "Idle Labor" (2011).

MP3: Your Tomb

take a look at the entertaining stake-out meets slasher film, music video for Craft Spells' latest single Your Tomb, directed by Aaron Beckum.

if you haven't got the must have "Idle Labor" album yet, then i must insist that you acquire it asap by any means, it is available from Captured Tracks or Insound on cd or lp! otherwise you can get it digitally from itunes. you won't regret it!!!

check out my other Craft Spells posts {if you haven't already} you can find the brilliant For the Ages track from the album et also Love Well Spent single along with Party Talk. enjoy!!!

you can find Craft Spells here: myspace | facebook | craftspells

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