Wednesday, August 31, 2011


this next track is devastatingly desolate, with emotionally damaged, artless crooning/wailing over stripped back, glitched-out percussion, infused with the soothing balm of a distant saxophone. Carol Laure is from Dallas-based minimal/synth-wave experimentalists Kiwi Sisters {chiefly Caleb Flores-Gutierrez} off the debut "...For The Young And Fertile Bearers Of Fruit..." (2011).

for fans of Xiu Xiu, Cold Cave et How To Dress Well ... enjoy this remarkable track!

the "...For The Young And Fertile Bearers Of Fruit..." album is currently available digitally from bandcamp, where you can also stream the entire album, i'd recommend giving it a solid listen!

you can find Kiwi Sisters here: myspace | facebook

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