Thursday, August 25, 2011


well, here's yet another amazing track that escaped my attention at the time of its release, which i feel compelled, here et now, to post anew, for those of you who missed out too, here's the wonderfully wistful et pithy, Smiths/Morrissey-inflected, nostalgia-swooning, indie pop reverie Real Goths from Vancouver-based indie/synth wave outfit Mode Moderne off the "Real Goths/Undiscovered Countries" 7" (2011).

Real Goths contains some of the best lyrics i've heard in a long time, particularly the second verse of which i am inspired to quote at some length:

"Fading in your face, I could disappear for days.
Your amourous tears, and your tawdry legs,
his charms are his physique, and i'm sure that you'd agree,
I've got the body of a man who reads poetry."

i also adore the 90s-infused, Robert Miles-esque piano melody that forlornly punctuates the track along with the jingly-jangly, reverb-shimmering, Johnny Marr-channeling, guitar riffs et noodlings, et of course Phillip Intile's brooding, nonchalant vocals et crestfallen harmonies are pitch perfect. enjoy!

MP3: Real Goths

take a look at the endearing, subtle et naturally performed/observed drama-driven video for Real Goths, created by Salazar.

the "Real Goths/Undiscovered Countries" 7" is available on vinyl from SAM, or you can get it digitally from itunes.

check out my post for the fantastic Joy Division-invoking single Les Neuf Soeurs off the highly recommended self-released "Ghosts Emerging" album.

you can find Mode Moderne here: myspace | facebook | modemoderne

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