Wednesday, August 24, 2011


yes, i know i'm about 4 months late on this one, but better late than never, so here it is for those that missed out on the infectiously broody, throbbing, murk-encrusted, NDW/darkwave-infused subterranean anthem, Candy Walls, from Toronto-based synth-wave duo Trust {Robert Alfons & Maya Postepski of Austra} off their "Candy Walls" 7" (2011).

the cover artwork is a recreation of the iconic documentation of Hayley Newman's "Stealth" performance from 1996, where Newman jumped naked on a trampoline in complete darkness for over three hours. the organizer, Casey Orr was allowed to take only a single photograph with flash during the performance. this re-performance might have made an interesting music video for the track.

MP3: Candy Walls

the "Candy Walls" 7" is available from Sacred Bones records on vinyl or as a digital download from itunes or Amazon. the full length debut album is reportedly in the works et should be released before the years out, will keep you posted!

you can find Trust here: myspace | facebook 

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