Monday, February 20, 2012


have a listen to the deliciously scuzzed-out, grunge-steeped, garage pop daydream Goldmine, from Oakland-based DIY garage/stoner pop artist Colleen Green off her forthcoming album "Milo Goes To Compton" (2012).

"I'd do anything to make you mine."

MP3: Goldmine

"Milo Goes To Compton" comes out February 21st on Art Fag Recordings, it will be available from Midheaven or ANOST on lp et mp3, otherwise you should be able to score it digitally from itunes.

check out my posts for the deliriously anthemic single Dance The Night Away off Green's debut "Green One" EP (2011) et the more recent single Rabid Love from the great "Cujo" EP (2011).

you can find Colleen Green here: myspace | hardlyart | happybirfdayjeff

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