Wednesday, February 29, 2012


i am delighted to be sharing the winsome new single from Brooklyn's loveliest, Lizard Kisses! here's the irresistibly catchy, warm et dreamy, melodiously slinky et swoony, 50s-laced, bittersweet, indie pop tale-of-woe, Water Tap from Brooklyn-based indie pop/folk outfit Lizard Kisses {chiefly Marc Merza & Cory Siegler} off their forthcoming "Water Tap/The Colour Of Water" split 7" (2012), in collaboration with My Friend Wallis.

"I can use a glass of water
But what you give to me don't,
quench my thirst."

MP3: Water Tap

the "Water Tap/The Colour Of Water" split 7" is due out March 6th on clear vinyl et digital download, you can pre-order now from bandcamp or lizardkisses. this is a very special et limited edition item, there are only 35 hand numbered copies in existence, each with unique retro-styled collage cover-artworks designed et assembled by the bands themselves! get in quick, head over et check out the covers to see which one takes your fancy!

this is my favorite cover so far! 
what can i say, i'm an ailurophile!

if you happened to miss the phenomenal "Tiny Island Teeth" EP (2011), then i strongly urge you to acquire a copy immediately. you can check out my post for the wonderful single Swell, et head over to the Cakes & Tapes bandcamp to digitally stream or download/purchase the EP, please be generous!!!

you can find Lizard Kisses here: myspace | facebook lizardkisses

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